Mid Sleepers

Mid sleeper beds

When choosing an appropriate bed for your child, you will want to be assured that you are getting the very best for them, at the best value for money.

Given the space constraints of modern housing, it’s often the case that adequate storage and furniture space is a luxury. Every possible corner will need to be utilised if it is going to be suitable for a typical child’s bedroom.
Often a Mid Sleeper Bed is a happy medium between an ordinary single bed, a cabin bed, or even children’s bunk beds. whilst not dominating a room, it makes excellent use of the valuable square feet available.

Build quality

Mid sleepers can be made from different material, in various qualities. Chipboard is probably the cheapest, and is often the the material of choice for a budget Mid Sleeper. Chipboard is often laminated, which adds to the strength and appearance, but might make it look better than it really is.
Unfortunatly, chipboard can crack or split – particularly at the screw and fixing points. Mdf is a better quality material but often is heavier (think if you have to move the Mid Sleeper around) also it could be quite a bit more expensive than chipboard. Solid wood would have the best build quality, though these are rare.


Storage in a child’s bedroom is paramount to keeping it tidy. Getting the right bedroom furniture is key to the time spent in taking to clear it up. Having the right storage for each room can make all the difference in time spent house keeping, and so careful thought in this area prepares the way for a happy home. This is where mid sleeper beds are ideal, in maximising space, and at the same time, making a home for all the odds and ends that need to be found a home.

Mid sleepers typically have shelves for books, an inbuilt small wardrobe or cupboard, and often a set of draws which are ideal for clothes – socks, pants, pyjamas etc.


When choosing a child’s mid sleeper you will probably need to make a choice where you weigh up the cost vs the quality of the bed. Sometimes it’s not worth going for an expensive midsleeper because children grow up so fast, and they could have grown out of it before you’ve finished the payments on it!
Also, it’s important to compare the price against the space of the room. If space is of the essence, then it’s worth paying a little bit more for the convenience of saving space.
If it’s top quality you are after, nothing will stop you going for a top notch product anyway!

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